Organic Living

This small living room was transformed into a light, calming space by using neutral textiles in the seating pieces, a variety of natural wood tones for the tables and black accents throughout.

Project Overview:

The designer wanted this space to feel light and open, using neutral colors and introducing accents reflecting the client’s aesthetic. The goal was to make this room interesting from all angles by creating focal points and vignettes throughout. She wanted to create balance by highlighting raw materials: different tones of natural woods, stone, a mix of textiles, and black metal accents.

She created a layout that provided both a living room and a walkways through to the rest of the house. She designed the seating area with a light cream sofa and a wicker back chair which face each other. She also added a natural wood cocktail table in between in a position that does not disrupt the flow of traffic. A console table with a white stone top and a round faux-marble table lamp were placed behind the sofa to create visual interest as well as fill that awkward gap between the sofa and the staircase.

Two Kelly Wearstler wall sconces were installed next to the artwork to add more light in the space and to complete the focal point. A neutral area rug with a subtle nomadic pattern pulls all the colors and elements in the space together. A mid-century style white mirror adds sparkle. The result is a living room that captures your eye with its warm calming tones and its intriguing accents.

Organic Living