Commercial Minimalism

A custom designed area rug utilizing carpet tiles connects with two of the colors in the brand image. Modern nature art in silver tones with two minimalist wood consoles serve as a backdrop. Wow factors in the remaining areas were created with large modern abstract art and colorful accessories.

Location: Metro Atlanta, GA

Designer Credits: Angie Palmer

Project Overview:

Swiss bottle cap maker, Corvaglia, built an 80,000 square foot production facility in Metro Atlanta. The facility’s 3500 square foot corporate office, located in the front of the building, was a canvas of almost entirely gray blank walls. Our problem to solve was a grand opening scheduled in 90 days! They needed a design plan that would elevate the look and feel of their offices for meetings with major brands like Coca-Cola, and also be appealing enough to attract young engineering candidates to work in manufacturing.

Interior designer Angie Palmer wanted it to feel modern, bright, and colorful from the moment you walk in the door. She custom designed the front area rug utilizing carpet tiles with a pattern that resembles hundreds of colored caps spread about the floor, and connected it with two of the colors utilized in their brand image on the back wall. She created wow factors in the offices and conference rooms with large modern art and colorful accessories, and honored their Swiss heritage with a modern art acrylic of a Swiss lake surrounded by mountains in the reception area. To finish the space, Angie worked with the team to design window frosting to add privacy to the glass office walls.

Commercial Minimalism