Multi-Talented Child’s Room


My client wanted to create a special room for his eight year old athletic son that could last into his early teens. His one specific request was that he wanted the room to have a mural of some kind. I spent about an hour with the two of them, and we talked about all the things he might want to have in the room of his dreams. He asked to keep his existing bunk beds from their other home, asked for a nightstand “like big boys have in their room”, and he wanted it “to have baseball and football stuff in it”.  However, most importantly, he wanted a TV, and was willing to sacrifice everything else if he could just convince his Dad…..


Working with a local artist (Renee Lesselroth Roberts), we created a custom mural of a sports stadium that has both football and baseball elements, with some of the child’s favorite characters appearing as “advertisements” along the stadium “banners”, complete with glow-in-the-dark stadium “lights”. We recessed a flat panel TV into the scoreboard area of the mural, and created a pop-off frame around it for repair access, giving Dad security controls, electronically.  We tested the viewing angles from both beds before deciding on the height of the TV, and then scaled the mural from that point.

The builder gray color was replaced with a beautiful sky blue, and we created clouds on the ceiling, just like you might see on game day. The largest part of the window was treated with custom four inch louvered shutters. I used a mixture of fabrics and elements from an extra quilt to create the custom arch treatment, window seat, and shower curtain.