At Home in Peachtree City

Peachtree City transferees Eric and Melissa Nettleton made some bold moves when it came to their relocation from Iowa in 2020. For starters, they placed a contract on their home in The Gates neighborhood having only seen it via Facetime with their Realtor. Then, they decided to take a leap and hire an interior designer to help make their new house a home. A home that they could enjoy immediately, and for years to come.

At their previous homes, the Nettleton’s design approach had been similar to what many folks do – a slow, undefined decorating process. What they discovered with each of their prior transfers, was that they were transforming their homes at the end of their ownership to prepare and stage them for sale.

This time, they wanted to flip the script so that they might get to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Eric and Melissa both have busy careers and are parenting their son, Julian, who turns five in April. They love to entertain and have quite a nice collection of wine and whiskey.

They’ve even named their golf cart Whiskey Business. It’s the color of bourbon with tan accents resembling a hearty beer froth.

Palmer Kay Design worked with the couple first, to design a cabinetry addition to accommodate a wine refrigerator, and then to create a mix of old and new furnishings to bring the home together.

The most challenging part of the project for the design team was finding harmony in the use of color. Eric wanted bold, bright splashes of color, while Melissa preferred subdued neutrals. After interviewing the couple, it became clear that the only two colors agreeable to both were blue and green.

Their favorite part of the process was the design presentation where they worked through “great options” and began to realize just how nice their home would feel. Their favorite design element quickly became the combined keeping room/coffee nook just off the kitchen, where they spend a lot of time together as a family.

The Nettletons are enjoying the southern weather and making new friends! Whether it’s Eric and the guys sampling whiskey on the stone patio, or Melissa whipping up delicious appetizers to serve with wine, they enjoy hosting families with the kids running around the backyard. They love it all.

They’ve also become frequent patrons of local favorite restaurants like The Beirut, Highland Bakery, and Curious Pig. Their favorite drive around the area is south on Peachtree Parkway to Robinson Road to Redwine. It eventually ends at the entrance to their neighborhood. They find it relaxing and beautiful, and Eric has even suggested it to potential newcomers as a great representation of what it feels like to live in and around Peachtree City.



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